12. Psychology Behind Successful Facebook Ads


Before you watch the video. Read this. I have also given the same content in the workbook. So work it out.

There are different kinds of Facebook ads! In this course / book we shall be focusing on building the static one image Facebook ad. Every advertisement is in form of 5 core elements:


No word count. Ensure you have an emotional context + rational context (or) value + call to action.


20% Text rule.


First 30 to 40 characters is seen on mobile. You can up to 90 to 100 characters/ But after 30 to 40 characters content is usually shown on Desktop Feed.

Newsfeed Description

Usually seen on Desktop feed. Not visible on other forms. This is a text, which is placed just below the headline. Social Proof factors, credible factors to be added here.

Call To Action

Pre-defined buttons. Pick from various options available.

Before you start designing your advertisements. Answer the ‘5 Facebook Key Rule Questions’:

1. What are those 3 things your customers / clients suffering with?

(For example: my customers are struggling with finding a dream home, they might be suffering with their career and don’t understand Facebook Marketing etc.)

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________

Your consumer’s problem can be your opening line!

The advertisement above says, “Don’t know how to kick start your career in Social Media Marketing?”

2. If people buy your products / services / register / download your book – what benefits will they see? – Come up with 3 benefits.

(For example: by registering for this course you would learn. By downloading this book, you would learn, by booking this Spa offer you would get etc.)

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3. What images best represent your offer?

(For example: I use images of my workshops to inspire people to register) – come up with 3 image ideas.

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________

4. What are Social Proof elements in your advertisement?

(For example: I say 250+ workshops hosted, worked with 75+ brands, trained 5000+ professionals etc.)

1. __________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________

5. Add Triggering Keywords!

(For example: I say early bird offer, Flat 40% Off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Get Free Workbook, Only 10 seats left, only 100 seats etc.)

  • ____________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________

Designing of Facebook Ads

  • Simple Clear Representation of Marketing Message

  • What’s the tagline/copy for the ad image? (We usually take this from the landing page) – Value.
  • Who do we want to target?
  • What’s the product/promotion/offer? – Value.
  • Add a ‘Call-To-Action’
  • Use Contemporary or Contrasting Colors
  • How can you get people to stop on YOUR ad?
  • How can you set your ad apart?
  • How can you create a pattern interrupt?
  • Facebook ads have to POP!

(Ad targeted especially at parents in a given locality. Objective is to interrupt and introduce)

Task For You:

  • Look at the above advertisements and create a critique pattern considering ‘5 Series Key Rule Questions’ for the spa influence and lakeside2 advertisements.
  • Use Canva.com to create an advertisement and share it Social Media Marketing Masterclass group with other participants.

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